Elisalou Firuz

5'-9" Kaleshite song and story traler dark skined and deep browneye


5’- 9" 145# long black hair olive skinned deep brown eyes, Kaleshite male,


Born in the land of the sun in the Grand City of Karapesh to a Keleshite family named Firuz. Elisalou parents were hard working, Eimar his father was a caravan master and was away often. His mother Azadie raised their family and both provided a good household and family life.

.But Elisalou hated the idea of following in his fathers footstep and much less staying in the god forsaken city. At thirteen he decided to do something about it and stowaway on a merchant ship called the Black Swan.
.Or so he thought as it turned out it was a pirate ship. Elisalou was found on board he was give a life choice join them or die. He joined and found his new life a hard one, and a lot different then he ever guessed. But life on the sea agreed with him and he learn quickly. The life a a sailor/ pirate was very different and learning his way around the ship came naturally to him. He became well versed and during raids he learned to use a short bow well.
.His Captains a wild gray haired human named Foultoung because of the way he talked to people ran a ship that expected everyone to pull there wait The first mate Gnorth a Half-Orc took a liking to Elisalou and he learned many different things and quickly became a skilled sailor rrrrr pirate.
.Killing people didn’t really set well with him and one day well in port Absalom Elisalou decided perhaps he needed to find something new. He told Gnorth he plans to leave the Black Swan knowing he would cover for him. The night before they were to leave port he jumped ship.

Plans need to be worked out better, having no true skills, but he was quick withed, smart (at times), fast on his feet, good with a bow and knew his way around a ship. No sign boards with people looking for people to hire with those skills and working around the harbor was not his cup of tea. So Elisalou found himself with no were to live and no source of income and living on the streets. Well this all lead to a new life, one of crime. Living on the streets was adversest as it could be Elisalou found himself rolling with some of the lets say wrong people, those that were, street gangs, pick pockets, cutthroats and wrong doers…. planning was needed and a skill type that needed to be better looked at.

As it would happen one night as he was sitting be himself eating a small meal at the Seagull Inn, There was some live entertainment a good looking female half elf by the name of Keswick was telling story’s and sing songs of tales of high adventure that seemed to inspire Elisalou. And what a smile……

Elisalou thought to himself that’s it I could do that, and she needs an assistant. He made eye contact several times during the evening and several more times as the week passed. At weeks end he got up and ordered Keswick a drink that he saw she liked and walked up and introduce himself. She thank him for the drink and they talked for awhile. They had a few more drinks as it was getting late Keswick came out and asked were is this going, saying ” I’m not that type of girl”. Elisalou smiled saying oh no nothing like that. I want to work for you. All he heard was whattt??? and then a hot burning pain in the back of his head. The next morning or so it seemed, he awoke in a clean soft bed. Sitting across from him in a high backed chair was Keswick. When she saw him open his eyes, she said I thought we lost you. I’m sorry the bouncer though you were giving me a bad time and thought he was helping. I told him everything was OK and he helped me get you to my room. I did a couple of thing during the night watching over you and you should be OK. Now tell me what you had in mind? After explaining his idea that he could hawk for her, put up signage around town of where she was playing. Moving her from Inn to inn and helping her with anything she needed. In return all he wanted was for her to train him and to teach him the skills she knows. Keswick looked at him, and said I do not know why I am doing this. I‘ll give you three months anytime during those months I’ll can you if you don’t live up to my expectations. I’ll train you and you will do the things I need done. I’ll pay your room and board and train you in exchange for your help. Things went well and Elisalou, so well Keswick gave Elisalou a straight percentage of the tips and gate at those upper classed Inn’s Elisalou was able to work a deal were to get part of the cover charge. After six months Keswick even allowed Elisalou to do the afternoon shift. Things were doing well, Elisalou was learning skills and knowledge about things he though were just story people told to scare children. Elisalou had finally found his path and working for Keswick was a grate he got learn a lot, try his hand at story telling of brave adventuress past. Working with Keswick inspired Elisalou to do more. Elisalou found himself wanting more from their relationship, Keswick was beautiful and had the way about herself, but he didn’t want to mess things up. Then that one day Elisalou wish never happen. While working the afternoon shift at the Last Swashbuckler a medium sized inn down by Dock District. Elisalou was taking a break outside. A hooded figure approached him and said, a friend asked me to give this to you, handing him a note. Elisalou looked at note and looked up at the hood figure, but he was gone vanishing into the streets…… he opened the note. It said you have been invited to a meeting this forth night, come to the fountain in the Docks District during the witching hour. Thank you LG. He went inside the Inn and Keswick was sitting at a table with a tall Elven male she introduced as Merilwen. Merilwen quickly gave Elisalou a up and down, then looked a Keswick and said “shouldn’t he be working” Elisalou said in defense I was on a break and the elf quickly replied “ I wasn’t talking to you” standing up holding out his hand to Keswick and said “come with me” Keswick stood up, taking his hand and followed him up to her room. There seemed to be a chill as the two walked away. Elisalou got to work. Later that night Keswick had the house rocking. Elisalou was watching the performance as Merilwen approached looking at Elisalou saying “ Is that all you do all day is stand around” Later on Keswick was sitting with Merilwen counting the tips as Elisalou came up. Elisalou smiled and asked “ how did we do?’ before Keswick could say a word Merilwen snapped, “what business is it of yours” and look right thou Elisalou. Keswick put the coins in her bag as the three sat at the table. Things seemed tense so much so, it was almost like you could cut it with a knife. Standing up Merilwen held out his hand to Keswick and the two went up stairs and a few minutes the two came back down and went out into the alley. Elisalou finished his work and went up to his room and went to sleep. The next morning Merilwen knocked at Elisalou’s door and said Keswick wants to see you. Elisalou said he would be right there. Merilwen said looking right into his eyes “No right now” the two walked down the hall and went into Kewick’s room. Keswick was sitting at a small table in the room and looked at Elisalou. Looking right at him she said “my room was robbed last night and my bag was taken along with a few other items. You didn’t hear anything last night did you” Elisalou said he had not. Then Merilwen looked right at him and said, you seemed to have a lot of interest in the bag last night, you would mind if we looked in your room would you? Elisalou look right at him then quickly at Keswick and said what are you saying? Merilwen took a step toward him and said is there something you don’t want us to see? Elisalou said are you accusing me of something? Go right ahead I have nothing to hide. They went to his room and as Elisalou and Keswick stood at the door Merilwen looked around the room opening draws, bags. Then as he looked under the bed he says “ what do we have here” pulling Keswick bag and a few personal item out. Elisalou looked at Keswick and said” I didn’t take those” Keswick looked at Elisalou almost crying, said to him “ get your things and get out of here your fired, I never want to see you again. Merilwen said to Keswick” I told you he was no good” and the two stormed out of his room.

Elisalou got his things together and quickly went down stairs. Keswick was no wear to be seen and Merilwen was standing talking to the Inn owner telling him Elisalou no longer worked for Keswick.
The Inn owner said he could stay but he would have to pay for his room. Elisalou said he would pay for the night and would move out in the morning.

Elisalou sat in his room, wondering what the hell had happen, who had taken the items out if Keswick room and planted them under his bed? Elisalou tried to talk to Keswick a couple of times, but Merilwen always answered the door and wouldn’t allow him to talk to her, always saying he wasn’t allowed to see her. During the day she was did the afternoon shift, and Merilwen was always setting close to the stage. The evening shift was the same thing. Elisalou felt like Merilwen was some how behind all of this, but how could he prove it, and he wasn’t ever able to talk to Keswick when she was alone. He had to talk to her and tell her he never would have done it and he wished there was something he could do or say. The evening quickly passed, every time he made eye contact with Keswick she would turn her head away. It truly killed Elisalou and stuck a dagger in his heart if only he say something to her.

After the last performance he went to his room. Standing in his room was a hooded figure with a rapier in his hand. Surprised Elisalou stood there us shock. The hood figure took a step toward Elisalou and told him in a every deep voice, Your not wanted here, leave tonight let this be your warning. I’ll kill you next time and the girl too. UNDERSTAND! And in a flash he was gone. Elisalou quietly got his things together and outside he went.

It was getting late as Elisalou looked at the note he had received the day before. Humm I wounder who L.G. is as he put on his cloak and slipped into the back ally. He went to the fountain in the Dock District, it was late, as he didn’t see a soul any ware, Standing in the shadow, he saw a halfling walk up and looked right at him and wiggled is finger. Saying in a low tone “coming?”. Elisalou didn’t know why but he followed him. The two slipped along the shadows of a long boulevard as they came to a dark ally. The halfling said “ Do you trust me? I’ll need to cover you eyes” Elisalou did as he was told as the halfling took him down the ally as the turn down different paths and thou hidden portal Elisalou knew he could ever find his way back here or much less his way out.

Inside he was told he had been invited the Locksmith Guild. After going thou some test of skills of dexterity, Elisalou explained some of the knowledge’s he knew and his knowledge of ships as a sailor. Meeting with a woman named _______ he was told he had been seen around town and his skills would fit nicely with the guild. I have a group I’d like you to work with, they’ll be back tonight……….

Elisalou Firuz

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