Alwan Durbar

5'-9" Kaleshite healer mystic dark skin and deep blue eye


Alwan Durbar was born in the Grand City of Absalom. At the age if fifteen this young Kelasshite while running along the beach with his friends near his home Escadar Alwan tripped on a figurine of a human in spiked plate armor with blazing red eyes. He brought the figurine home and didn’t show it to his parents because there was something unknown about it something mysteries.
Alwan took the figurine into Absalom knowing he would be able to find out more about it there. At a magic shop call a Little of This. He was told in was a figurine of the god Gorum and the shop owner said he would give Alwan fifteen gold for it. Ash the shop owner started handed Alwan the gold Alwan pulled the figurine back and said on second thought.
He went home and clear a place for the figure in his room and just sat there and looked at it. Weeks past and Alwan was finding less time for his friends and wanting to spend more time in his room looking at the figurine of Gorum.
Alwan made another trip to Absalom to learn more about the god. There is met an old Shaman named Gordon from the land of the River Kingdom. Gordon told Alwan many story’s about Gorum and the power of the Lord of Iron. Gordon tried to show Alwan the ways of the shaman but Alwan was not able to understand those ways. After many weeks of study, Alwan while on his way home was attacked by a a strange man. Alwan quickly drew his scimitar and scream at the top of his lungs in a language he didn’t know but seemed to under stand and drove off the stranger. Returning to Gordon the next day Alwan told him what happen. Gordon asked him to show him what happen, Has Alwan pulled his sword he again began signing again in that strange language. After word Gordon told Alwan that the language he was speaking was Celestial, and the perhap Gorum had heard his prayers and was reaching out to him. Explaining the Alwan the gods move in mystic way and Gorum had chosen him to be his tool. If he wished the god was offering him the life of an Oracle.
Alwan spent many more months with the shaman , learning languages he never know of before. And Gorum offered more to Alwan, the revelation of the skill of arms and the mystery of armor.
Alwan enjoyed Gordon company and he moved in with the Shaman. Every once in a while Alwan would find himself at a bar were small groups of adventurers would frequent and he would hear tails of grand adventurer. One such group,asked if Alwan would like to join them.
Still more training , but then the day happen when Alwan return to the Shaman and he was no were to be found. Alwan spent several days waiting for the Shamans return.
Alwan stayed at Gordon till one day there was a knock at the door. It was the landlord and he said he was looking for Gordon because the rent was late. Alwan explained the Gordon had been missing for several days and he would tell him he had stop by. The Landlord told Alwan if he wished to stay he would have to pay then rent of three gold by the end of the week. Alwan thought of the adventurers, maybe he could make a living with them…….Interesting they belong to The Locksmith Guild? Interesting very interesting


Alwan Durbar

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